PAUSE in Operations and CANCELLATION of Running Days

  To All of our loyal Rosewood Railway Supporters and to our dedicated Volunteers, A decision has been made to PAUSE OPERATIONS (both Running Days and Mid-Week Charters) for the foreseeable future, due to emerging Staffing Issues. Please be assured that we will keep you posted on developments.

How to find the rosewood railway

We have two stations, Cabanda and Kunkala. Cabanda station has more parking facilities available, this is the place to start your train ride - Rosemount Lane, Tallegalla.

Kunkala Station is our depot (only limited parking available), if you are participating in a Driver for a Day, please arrive here, Freeman Road, Ashwell.

The Google map to the left shows the location of the stations, with Kunkala Station marked as "Rosewood Railway Museum".